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President's Report


Have you seen our Instagram feed lately? We’re asking our members “why?” Why are you a member of ILEA? My answer included “making new industry connections.” So many of the people I’ve connected with as a member have not only become colleagues, business affiliates and team members, but also friends. 

The power of connections is strong, often leading to meaningful relationships – working or otherwise. That’s what ILEA is about.

When I hosted the ILEA DC board retreat at a restaurant last year, we had a lovely server. She did her job well, didn’t interrupt us as we were working and was respectful of our schedule. When we finally wrapped up, and it was just me and other board member left in the room, our server approached me and asked about the group and our events – she was paying attention – and she gave me her card. Her name is Nandi and she makes candles. She left a great impression on me, and I was so glad to finally find a way to engage her in one of our events. You might have met her at last month’s Renew, Refresh and Reset event at Studio 52 and received one of her Efua’s Baby candles in your swag bag.  She was thrilled to be included in the event and treasured the chance to make connections with our other event partners and attendees.

I hope you treasure the connections you’ve made as a member of ILEA and as an attendee at our events and find that time spent with us is valuable.

That said, I hope to connect with you on Taco Tuesday, February 28th for our #LunchNLearn: Risk Management from Behind the Bar at Rosa Mexicano with Professional Bartenders and Servers own Dave Markowitz. 

As always, I’d love to hear more about what you want to see and experience this year. Please feel free to drop me a line at president@ileadc.org, and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

All the best,

Stacy H. Heit

President, ILEADC

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